Flourish in California.

Stay compliant with Metrc while running your business with efficiency. 

California City

Seed-to-sale software covering the entire California cannabis supply chain.

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Discover detailed reports and analytics.

Flourish provides a robust set of pre-built reports and dashboards to help you make data-driven decisions including:
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Bypass the Metrc interface.

With the most comprehensive integration with Metrc on the market, Flourish seamlessly pushes all necessary info to Metrc live, without users having to navigate two separate systems

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Save time and resources with full inventory tracking.

Record all cannabis and non-cannabis inventory to get a holistic view of your operations.

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Leverage advanced integrations.

We've integrated with the industry's best tools including CRM, e-commerce, finance, logistics, and compliance integrations. 

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Overall, I highly recommend Flourish to any cannabis business looking to scale their operations and streamline their processes.


"From the minute we opened the doors of our Los Angeles-based microbusiness, we’ve relied on Flourish to stay organized and compliant. Whether we are manufacturing our in-house pre-roll and edibles lines, managing co-packing projects, or handling distribution logistics—Flourish has been a critical component of our success. We knew we would need a software solution that could keep up with our fast-moving inventory and help us stay accurate and efficient at every step of the way, and Flourish has exceeded our expectations. 

One of the most valuable aspects of using Flourish is the way it tracks each step of our production process, from bulk runs to bill of materials to the final packaged goods. This allows us to see a complete view of our production in real-time and make adjustments as needed. The labeling feature has also been a huge time-saver, allowing us to create custom labels for each item and print them in a streamlined workflow. 

Flourish has made inventory counting simple and more accurate, which is essential when working with fast-moving inventory. The inventory control reports are fundamental to running our operation in terms of production planning, and we rely on them heavily. 

Overall, I highly recommend Flourish to any cannabis business looking to scale their operations and streamline their processes.

- Andrew Freeman, Aperture Brands



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