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Emily Sesso

Recent Posts

Why Eureka Vapor Chose Flourish as their Business Software Solution

Eureka Vapor is family owned and operated, award- winning manufacturing and distribution company with operations in California and Colorado. They’ve recently dealt with the dilemmas associated with selecting a cannabis technology partner, which is why in late 2019, they contacted Flourish. 

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Welcome to our 'T.E.D' Talk: Another Breach in the Cannabis Industry

Is Your Information Safe?

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What’s the key to making smart, data-driven decisions?

It starts with capturing and centralizing your business data. As a cannabis company, it’s very rare that you will find a vendor or partner that can handle the complexities of your operational needs. The same holds true with technology and software. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, relying on spreadsheets and compliance platforms like Metrc don’t quite cut it when it comes to holistic business data analysis requirements. You need a reliable platform and integration partner that can translate that captured data into actionable insights and analysis. And now that 2020 is officially under way,  there’s no better time than now to start capturing this critical data. 

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Venture Atlanta, Here We Come


We received some pretty exciting news recently - Flourish has been selected as a Presenting Company at Venture Atlanta 2019! This is a unique opportunity for Flourish and a huge honor to be chosen as one of only 36 Presenting Companies amid hundreds who applied. 

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