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The 4 Benefits of Cannabis Software you can’t get with BioTrack

Something of a low-level misconception among new cannabis operators is that because a state has selected BioTrack as its universal track and trace option, in order to be compliant in that state you need to invest in BioTrack’s commercial software option. This is not the case, and in fact, as experienced operators know, the best way to engage with BioTrack is generally to engage as little as possible.

In this blog post we’ll discuss the advantages of opting out of BioTrack and into a more modern general software option.

The Benefits of Real-Time Analytics

One of the touted features of commercial software options is that they offer to-the-minute, easily accessible data that you can then use for your own benefit, whether it be making quarterly projections or setting realistic, data-driven goals for growth. Because unlike the state-selected track and trace platforms the best commercial software options are built for consumers, they prioritize ease of use and operational efficiency. The data they trace, or the data they use to sync with BioTrack, is also accessible to you, for your own records. Simply put, a data-centered approach is the future of the industry. Real-time, accessible data means any discussion of growth, the reallocation of resources, expanding into a new state–whatever the case may be–is founded on the fullest knowledge of all the facts and variables. This data is also a key building block for companies who wish to expand in size and scale, as at scale concerns become even more reliant on data than smaller operations.

Multi-Location Management

Centralized software systems can facilitate the easy management of multiple locations as well as multiple stages of the seed-to-sale process for vertically integrated companies. In other words, when you invest in general cannabis software, you gain access to data from across multiple dispensaries, say, as to quantity of product sold over a given period of time, whereas BioTrack syncs data less easily across locations. This matters because in many respects the entire goal of investing in software is the ease of accessing a single database that offers numbers aggregated across locations and time periods, allowing you the ability to see your operations holistically within a few clicks. This synthesis equates to efficiency and a coherent overall operation.

Customization via Cannabis General Software

As a one-size-fits all regulation solution, BioTrack’s commercial option is less nimble than other commercial options, many of which are built for cannabis companies of various sizes and scale, and less suitable to customization. Software customization becomes especially important when you consider the difference in regulations across states, which forces companies to adjust to thorny compliance regulations. Customization also means that your software can adjust to your growth (growing as you do), enabling and encouraging as opposed to hampering growth. The bottom line is that flexible software can do more than track and trace–it can project sales trends on the basis of the current data and therefore give detail to quarter and annual growth goals.

User-Friendly Interface

Another reason for steering clear of BioTrack is its outdated interface. While commercial software is built for modern and tech-savvy cannabis operations, and in an open market that prizes ease of use, BioTrack is better known for its tracking capabilities. Features of an interface that we might take for granted, such as simplified dashboards, drag–and-drop features, and easily accessible tutorials or customer support are helpful for even those who are tech-savvy. A less-intuitive interface like BioTrack’s can create cause for additional staff training if not resistance to adopting the technology altogether, and ultimately lengthens the learning curve in an industry where there are already several demands competing for one’s attention.

Opt into Modern, User-friendly, Built-for Scale General Software with Flourish

Historically the lack of an API (application programming interface) has been a major gap in software in the industry. This means integrating general software with other software, such POS systems, or track and trace software, has been a challenge, hampering a basic, required function of compliance and getting in the way of growth.

Flourish, a modern cannabis software solution built for easy and seamless syncing, stands out here. Flourish enables easy syncing with BioTrack, affording you the assurance of guaranteed compliance as well as a user-friendly interface, opportunities for scalability and growth. For more about Flourish and how it can serve the goals of a growth-oriented, modern cannabis business, click here.

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