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Nothing is more more important than understanding where your cannabis packages and inventory are located at all times.  The Flourish Platform specializes in supply chain management best practices developed in conjunction with Fortune 1000 companies, now available in the cannabis industry. 

Flourish will work with you and your team to configure how you want inventory to be brought in, stored, moved, transformed and then sold all while tracking every movement.  Inventory tracking and movements in Flourish are for both cannabis and non-cannabis packages.


*Users in METRC certified states will be able to enjoy the most comprehensive integration in the industry.  Do all the work in Flourish and we’ll report all the activity back to METRC so you stay compliant while be efficient.

Cannabis Distribution Track

Move, transform and track all package movements with transparency and accuracy

Flourish provides real time information about all cannabis and non-cannabis inventory in the operation and has the ability to sort, filter, and search for any packages in the system

Cannabis Distribution Configure

Configure all your warehouse and storage locations in the Flourish system

Distributors can add specific benches, areas, and rooms in the Flourish system so they can keep track of all inventory locations precisely

Cannabis Distribution Reporting

Create custom Reports, Graphs, and Dashboards specific to your operation

Flourish not only captures rich sets of data but also lets you create custom reports and dashboards for increased visibility and actionable insights 

Cannabis Distribution Inventory

Your Inbound and Outbound orders, all in one place

Track all incoming inventory through robust Purchase Order management and track all outgoing sales with detailed Sales Order management

Cannabis Distribution Delivery

Plan, optimize, and track all your deliveries

Delivery tracking with Drivers, Destinations and custom manifests that contain all the details information needed

Cannabis Distribution Integrations

Integrate with other software solutions to grow and expand your reach

Flourish wants to help you move your inventory.  We have integrations with WooCommerce to enable online ordering and also with Leaf Link one of the top B2B sales platforms in the industry. Check out our Integrations page for info on all integrations

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