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Nothing is more more important than accurately managing your cannabis packages and inventory.  Flourish is rooted in supply chain management best practices drawing off years of experience designing and deploying enterprise supply chain software across the world. 

Flourish will work with you and your team to train you on best practices for procurement, inventory management, packing, order fulfillment, and shipping to run your cannabis supply chain operations.  Flourish tracks both cannabis and non-cannabis inventory.


*Users in METRC certified states will be able to enjoy the most comprehensive integration in the industry.  Do all the work in Flourish, and we’ll report all the activity back to METRC so you stay compliant while be efficient.

Cannabis Distribution Track

Move, transform and track all package movements with transparency and accuracy

Flourish provides real time information about all cannabis and non-cannabis inventory in the operation. We offer robust auditing and ancestry reports to support inventory controls.

Cannabis Distribution Configure

Configure your warehouse and storage locations in the Flourish system

Distributors can add specific areas and rooms in the Flourish system to track inventory by physical location. Use our mobile app to scan and move inventory around the facility. 

Cannabis Distribution Reporting

Access to a library of Dashboards and Reports

Flourish provides out of the box dashboard and reports to provide maximum viability to your operations. Use compliance reports for inventory adjustments, expiring licenses, and more. Our sales dashboards report revenue by customer, product, and more. Learn more here. 

Cannabis Distribution Inventory

Your Inbound and Outbound orders, all in one place

Track all incoming inventory through robust Purchase Order management and track all outgoing sales with detailed Sales Order management.

Cannabis Distribution Delivery

Plan, optimize, and track all your deliveries

Delivery tracking with drivers, destinations, and manifests that contain all the details information needed.

Cannabis Distribution Integrations

Integrate with other software solutions to grow and expand your reach

Flourish wants to help you move your inventory.  Check out our Integrations page for info on all integrations.

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