Flourish & IDScan Integration

Simple, Instant ID Scanning for Dispensaries

VeriScan by IDScan.net is the premier ID scanning, age verification, and fake ID detection software for the cannabis industry. IDScan.net has worked with more than 1,000 dispensaries, helping them build customer profiles from information on a scanned ID, stay compliant with ID scanning and PII retention regulations, and avoid costly fines associated with purchase of cannabis by a minor. 


By integrating VeriScan into your Flourish POS system you can catch fake IDs, and import
clean customer data directly into customer profiles.

Scan and Verify IDs and Passports

Use ID authentication with UV/IR/white light scanning to catch up to 95% of fake IDs. Or use a handheld ID scanner with built-in 2D barcode security checks.

No typing, no errors

Read all data stored on each ID and parse it directly into your Flourish system. Clean, accurate information with no typing required.

Enrich your customer profiles and enhance their shopping experience

Capture images of the ID, or a cropped photo from the ID, enriching your Flourish customer profiles. Then add notes, tags, groups, to help you provide an incredible, tailored experience for each guest.

Secure and compliant at every level

Robust PII and data privacy settings allow you to stay compliant across multiple states and regulatory frameworks. Handle all customer data with the highest levels of security.

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