Flourish & Lendica Integration

Get Paid, Faster.

Cash flow is a challenge in the cannabis industry. Flourish's partnership with Lendica helps you get paid faster. Fund and finance invoices with Lendica to improve your accounts receivables and collections process.


With the Lendica Funding Toolkit, Flourish users can receive access to three different funding solutions built to keep financing costs manageable, allowing them to scale more effectively. After users opt-in to Lendica's iBranch add-on within their Flourish system, they'll start receiving notifications of their available funding options directly on their user dashboard. Learn more about Lendica's Funding Toolkit and its benefits here.


Helps small businesses delay their vendor payments up to 10 weeks.


An accounts receivable solution designed to speed up collection from customers.


A working capital offering built to fund the gaps in any growing business.

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