New York State Track and Trace Software

Flourish is excited to provide our cannabis seed to sale software to New York. We can service Adult Use operators today. 

Use Flourish's nationally recognized software platform to run day to day operations and comply with New York Seed to Sale Track and Trace requirements. The latest guidance from Licensing | Office of Cannabis Management ( is here.

New York Annual Cultivation Report

The state requires Adult Use Conditional Cultivators to file an annual report. Don't fall behind on this record keeping. 

Adult-Use Conditional Cultivators must maintain the following records in an Annual Cultivation Report for submission to the Office after one year of licensure and then upon license transition, as well as to be made available to the Office upon request

Flourish will allow you to:

  • Document all plants and plant movements across stages as well as comply with labeling requirements
  • Flourish has full recall and traceability capabilities to pull and report on production history in a matter of clicks. This is not only useful for regulators. It is a lifesaver in case of a recall. 
  • Flourish can document and report on all seeds, clones, and materials used in cultivation.
  • Use Flourish's software to record propagation treatments, soil amendments, and agricultural inputs for your grow. 
  • Flourish's cultivation software includes the ability to record notes for IPM and scouting. 
  • Flourish supports submitting and recording lab results in accordance with state requirements. 
  • Document waste and waste disposal within Flourish's software.
  • And we do much more... schedule a demo today. 

New York Traceability Software Requirement

New York Adult Use Conditional Guidance requires include the following:

In time for the growing season, the licensee must have or develop an on-premises based identification and traceability system that allows the cannabis product to be traced back to the licensee and specific production site, to the block and bed level, and traced forward up the supply-chain to the next distribution point. The license holder must be able to link harvested cannabis product by batch number or harvest date to the production records. Such data must be made available to the Office upon request and in the Annual Cultivation Report.

This is core to Flourish's functionality. Flourish's software goes beyond compliance to help you enable and drive your business, but the essential function of seed to sale traceability is baked in at each step along the way. 


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