Flourish & MJStack Partnership

From Seed to Scale: Advising on Cannabis services and technology

MJstack is the FREE cannabis technology and solutions consulting service that thousands of cannabis companies know and trust. Through our process, the MJstack way, we guide Cannabis companies to evaluate and choose the right solutions for their unique business. Save money, time, and headaches by leaning on the MJstack team!


MJstack advises Flourish customers in locking in all of the solutions and services they need to run their Cannabis business optimally. Flourish customers benefit by knowing they have evaluation experts in their back pocket - an ace up their sleeve!

Together, we all Flourish when things are done right the first time!


Our team of recovered salespeople give you the transparent feedback you won’t get directly from a vendor.


Understand when to evaluate and lock in certain solutions, and create a checklist.


Save hundreds of hours by evaluating the right solutions, and avoid costly mistakes by signing up for solutions that fit your business.

Don't get stuck in the weeds.
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