Flourish & Simply J Partnership

Full-service, woman-owned, financial advisory, accounting & bookkeeping services.

Obsessed with using data to find clarity and focus.

Simply J is an all-women bookkeeping, accounting, coaching, and advisory firm focused on building strong foundations and partnering with organizations whose primary mission is to improve the well-being of people; mentally, physically, and financially.


As supporters of the cannabis industry since 2018, Simply J recognized the need to formalize the tracking of costs and inventory units from seed to clone to distribution.

Unified Inventory Management

With the Flourish Platform having full coverage over the core license types, integrated operators have unified inventory. This allows Simply J to get right to work in analysis, without first having to piecemeal the data together from different systems, saving a huge amount of time and money while increasing accuracy.

COGS Tracking for Inventory & Non-Inventory

Flourish, with the ability to track and apply both inventory and non-inventory costs as part of the production, in the ERP, helps to show better real-time costing information to Management - a highlight for Simply J founders.

QuickBooks Integration

Accounting integration with popular programs like QuickBooks Online and export to QuickBooks Desktop allow Simply J to work more efficiently and accurately, saving time for our mutual customers.

Accounting Analytics

Beyond exported reports, Flourish allows Simply J to run real-time accounting analytics right within the platform. Before the numbers hit the ledger, Simply J can get ahead of any issues in real-time.

Automated Compliance

Reconciling track-and-trace issues is a big compliance risk and a painstaking and time-consuming task to reconcile after the fact for our mutual clients. Flourish has built-in automation to proactively catch and resolve errors when they happen, not well after the fact; that feature alone more than pays for the cost of the software in time saved.

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