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Cultivation Technology - Smart Tools for New School Cannabis

noniThis blog post is part of a new series from Flourish where we are spotlighting and sharing the knowledge base of our employees who are also cannabis industry subject matter experts. 

Noni Goldman is an expert in large-scale Cannabis cultivation, environmental control systems, 

and supply-chain logistics having previously overseen the production coordination of New York’s largest medical cultivation facility. She is a firm supporter of Massachusetts’ Social Equity program and Economic Empowerment initiative and is the Northeast Account Executive for Flourish Software, the 2019 Seed to Sale Software winner of NCIA’s Best Cultivation Technology Award. Noni is a co-founder of QIC Consulting, a Massachusetts-based cultivation company which was one of seven original vendors for the nation’s first Social Equity program as Cannabis Cultivation Educators. Noni and QIC are two-time Harvest Cup Winners for Best Indoor Flower with their strain Davy Jones (Chem D x Casey Jones S1) .  She is also on the faculty of Elevate Northeast.


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Water when the top one inch of your topsoil is dry, talk to your plants – the CO2 will help, sunshine and compost is all you need.

These are solid foundations to grow Cannabis of pristine quality, but if you want to know the worst kept secret in the Cannabis space, it’s this. Automate everything. Let the machines take over. Leverage your operational analytics and navigate your environmental controls with eagle-eye precision to keep your production costs down and your grams per square foot continuously improving. Do this, or risk irrelevancy.

The legal Cannabis industry in the United States has come a long way from its roots in DIY basements and seen-but-not-spoken-of Humboldt County mega grows. With legalization comes innovation and big business interest, and these new players to the game are coming in hot. It’s been said that one year in the Cannabis industry is equivalent to four years in any other. How could it not? Regulations are changing seemingly every week. As of this writing, there are currently thirty-one bills related to marijuana up for discussion on just the Massachusetts Commonwealth level, with a huge federal push to open up banking regulations. Times they are a changing.

What’s in my toolkit:

  • Bluelab Combo Meter Plus
  • Hydrofarm LGBQM Quantum Par Meter
  • Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Speed Meter Anemometer
  • Field Notes Notebooks

Run your grow at peak efficiency:

  • Facility environmental controls (Hortimax, Argus, etc.)
  • Dosatron Irrigation systems
  • GSTS 1000 LEDs
  • RX Green Solutions nutrients
  • Mammoth P microbials
  • Flourish Seed to Sale Software

Flourish Data Points:

  • Survival rate by strain, phase, location
  • Yield and Revenue by strain, clone source type, and harvest batch
  • Grower's Journal
  • Ancestry and Descendant tracking data

harvest data

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