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Flourish Client Interview: Flower Co.

This month Hardik Tuteja, Director of Strategic Operations, interviewed Ryan Moran, VP of Operations of Humboldt Legends, now Flower Co. to check in with him 6 months into our relationship.


FLOWER CO. is a members-only cannabis delivery club based in Humboldt, California. They are working with 50+ brands delivering cannabis right to the doorstep with hard-to-beat prices. 

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Canna-Business Evolution: Massive Changes are Accelerating the Industry

Change is not only coming, it’s already here. In case you’ve missed some key highlights recently while celebrating 4/20, consider this:

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Happy 420 | Celebrating the industry!

The first marijuana law in America, enacted in Jamestown colony in 1619, actually required settlers to grow cannabis. Cannabis was frequently used for trades, and some colonies even allowed farmers to pay taxes with cannabis. This tax policy lasted for more than 200 years until the early 1900s when legislation began leaning toward prohibiting both the cultivation and sale of the product.


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Press Release: Flourish Software Helps Cultivators Optimize Their Supply Chain

Flourish was recently featured on Direct Cannabis Network's newsletter. Here is the complete article:

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Attorney General Reverses Federal Marijuana Position

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded the Obama-era position of the Federal government to not intervene in states that have legalized marijuana. Whether this ends up being a major, minor, or non-issue remains to be seen. This does, however, further encourage individual states and the owners/operators of canna-businesses to focus on compliance.

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A New Dawn, A New Day, Cannabis Compliance Reigns Supreme

Although the news of cannabis cultivator busts is not uncommon, a recent incident in California appears to be establishing a seismic shift in the response from law enforcement. You can read the entire Associated Press article on MSN, but here are the highlights:

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Here are the rules for recreational marijuana in California starting Jan 1!

Finally, the three licensing authorities and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration today have released the highly anticipated recreational cannabis regulations. With only six weeks left until the beginning of recreational marijuana in California, Flourish will be regularly updating educational materials for cannabis business operators so stay tuned on this blog! You can also refer to our Blog A Quick Guide to Winning a Cannabis License in California for more information.

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Picking the right surface for your grow room walls

Choosing the right surface for the walls of your grow room is very important, as up to 40% of your total yield comes from the edge, and the right wall surface can increase the amount of light those plants receive by up to 30%! Artificial lighting diminishes exponentially with distance, so it is important to contain as much of this light as possible, and direct it accordingly. Reflective surfaces also help illuminate the lower portions of the garden, providing lower buds with light and heat energy. 

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Cryptocurrencies that aim to help cannabis businesses

Cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, which poses a variety of challenges for any cannabis operations attempting to conduct financial transactions even in states that have legalized pot. Not only that, carrying large amounts of cash poses huge security issues for dispensaries. However, cryptocurrencies are providing solutions to some of these problems and making it easier for cannabis related businesses to carry out transactions. While Bitcoin has become widely popular, there a few alternative cryptocurrencies that are designed just for the pot sector. Here are a few currencies that aim to make business easier for cannabis businesses: 


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5 Reasons you should attend the 2017 California Cannabis Business Conference

Still trying to decide which cannabis conferences to go to this fall? You need to head to the NCIA and CCIA California Cannabis Business Conference in Anaheim, California! Here are a few reasons why you really have to get to Anaheim on September 21 and 22.

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