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METRC is not your Business Software Solution


We’re not being critical with this month’s blog post. But the underlying truth is that METRC’s customer is the state it serves, not you. 

METRC’s primary purpose is tagging your plants and products and properly recording that data to your states’ cannabis regulation board. However, METRC provides zero insight or organization to your company’s daily operations, such as inventory control, historical valuation, cost, and revenue management. Let’s take a quick recap of what METRC is and is not.


METRC stands for Marijuana Enforcement, Tracking, Reporting & Compliance. It is software built by Franwell, who has been providing RFID software for more than 25 years. METRC has been selected by more than ten states to manage cannabis track-and-trace reporting, adhering to specific rules based on each state’s compliance regulations. METRC reports the movement of packages and plants by weight and location as they change possession throughout license holders. All activities are monitored by quantities or volumes and by employees, strains, items, and rooms. 



What METRC is Not

METRC is not business software capable of understanding your individual business, which is different from your competitors. METRC does not track dollars, customers, taxes, vendors, sales, or provide inventory valuation. METRC only reports what the state requires: whether your business operations are compliant or not. From an inventory standpoint, good luck if you are audited and need to produce an inventory valuation from any date in the past. METRC does not provide a holistic picture of your historical inventory as you can only search one package at a time.

Flourish Fills the Gap

When Flourish first started to research METRC, including their APIs and testing environment, we closely monitored feedback from users in Oregon and Colorado. We immediately discovered the opportunity to create one, easy-to-navigate platform that reports compliance data to METRC while managing your facility’s processes. Flourish caters to both the individual or MSO (multi-state operator) license owners and seamlessly integrates your current operations to METRC.

Contact us today if you have more questions about this process or to see a live demo of the Flourish software platform in action.




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