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Flourish Software’s Response to COVID-19, Novel Coronavirus

We are closely monitoring the spread of the novel coronavirus and wanted to communicate with our clients and partners how Flourish Software has been responding to and preparing for the situation as it continues to progress.

Above all, we are dedicated to helping you stay healthy and informed. You and your operations are important to us and we want you to know we’re taking every necessary precaution to protect you and our associates while continuing to provide seamless technology and service for our users. Here are our areas of focus at this time:

Operational continuity and supporting work from home

As the situation has unfolded, we have acted swiftly. Our internal communications have ensured our staff, located across the country, that their health and safety is our top priority.

We also know that Flourish Software is a core part of normal business operations for hundreds of companies and that our software is not just a critical part of their operational duties, but also their legal source of truth and compliance. We take this responsibility to our clients very seriously. Our business continuity planning efforts are prepared to support full operation and service delivery, including in the event that the entire organization has to shift to work from home. We fully equip our staff with the necessary tools needed to continue our work. We know that this is a viable option since Flourish Software has always been set up to allow employees to do this and many of our employees work remotely regularly.

Providing support to our clients during adverse business climates

Our clients span all verticals and geographies, and include cannabis cultivators in California, hemp processors in Oklahoma, and retail stores in Las Vegas and Florida. Flourish Software has always been lauded for our hands-on customer support and in-person implementation assistance and we intend to maintain this standard in the event our staff are required to work remotely.

Should we have to adopt an entirely virtual working model in the coming weeks, our clients can rest assure that our Flourish support model will not be impacted at all. All of our employees have the workplace technology that they need to work from home, or wherever they choose and will diligently work with our customers to plan for remote communications.

Platform infrastructure reliability

As a SaaS platform, our Flourish Software and our services will remain highly functional to our clients. We will continue to release an updated interface every two weeks and provide necessary in-app communications with users.

We proactively monitor the health of our entire infrastructure to ensure that we are able to adjust our operations if regional outages occur, minimizing any potential impact on our clients.  As referenced above, our employees are enabled to securely work from any of our offices or remotely to ensure the stability of our production services.

Implementing Best Practices

We have put in place several policies and best practices to ensure the health and safety of our employees and their communities. 

These include:

• A significant emphasis on health and hygiene of our staff including increased communications, cleaning supplies in public offices and politely declining handshakes
• Following best practices and guidelines put forth by the CDC and adhering to any state, regional and local government restrictions
• Limited event attendance and business travel

Download Our METRC Best Practices Guide