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Three Things To Ask Your Cannabis Technology Vendor

It’s been a few weeks since MJBizCon in Las Vegas, but there are some memories and conversations we had that still remain in our minds. As we learned about the hundreds and thousands of cannabis business owners and their operations, needs, and pain points, one thing stood out.

 Not many people are happy with their current Point of Sales or Seed-to-Sale software vendor. And surprisingly, the number one complaint was something that should be easy to fix and not some bug or software feature that needs hundreds of hours of software development time. The biggest complaint was customer service or lack thereof. Here are some of the comments we heard:


“I’ve had a package adjustment error that has kept me from being compliant with the state and it’s now been 60 days and it is still not fixed...”

“My POS company doesn’t answer any technical support calls directly and the first person to respond is someone overseas...”

“The software we installed doesn’t contain many of the features the salesperson said it was going to have…”




This leads us to making sure you’ve selected the right software vendor.
Here are three things to consider or to investigate when selecting a technology partner: 


  • Do they have published documentation for their Service Level Agreement? Here is ours. 

  • Do they have any technical liabilities? (What does this mean?) This is when a company is supporting two entirely different technical platforms. It’s not uncommon for a company to come to market with a technical platform that was pieced together to get into cannabis quickly, only to find out it is not built to scale. This is happening right now with more than one company in the industry. This means they need to support two different platforms and their development team is working to maintain and upgrade two different sets of code. Not ideal.

  • They can’t demo or show you the features you need. Transparency and honesty are a critical attribute of the software vendor you choose. They will be in charge of one of your most valuable assets, your data. The data to run the business and the data to ensure you maintain compliance.


Flourish was built with cannabis in mind from day one. It was designed and developed by our founders who, combined, have over 25 years of experience in supply chain management and software operations. With a keen eye on service (because they’ve been there!), this founding group of experts at Flourish has now built a team around them intent on scalable sales and service strategies to match the outstanding core features that Flourish executes on every day. We deploy new software updates twice a month and never slow down. Our goal is to leverage common knowledge and best practices from established commercial operations into the national and dynamic cannabis industry. The Flourish team is rooted in software but, also, growing within the cannabis industry right alongside our customers. We’re excited to share our success with you! 

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