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How Flourish's Inventory Planning and Reporting Tools can transform the way you operate

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Cannabis Inventory Control

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, cannabis operators face new and complex challenges. One of the biggest challenges is having a reliable and trustable source of inventory and production information. Without this, it's difficult to make informed decisions about inventory planning and management. Additionally, auditing data for discrepancies or inspections can be a drain on resources and slow down operations.

Let's take a real-world scenario of a COO or Director of Operations spending hours putting data together from multiple systems to get an idea of inventory levels, production capacity, and sales information. In many cases, the information may be outdated, incomplete, or inconsistent. This can lead to poor decision-making and missed opportunities.

Enter Flourish - the platform that sits perfectly between compliance systems like METRC, sales platforms like Ordo or LeafLink, and accounting tools like QBO to get all the data in one place. This puts Flourish in the perfect position to have trustable, real-time data. To top this, integrating a business intelligence tool like Looker can now provide operators with valuable reporting and dashboard features that provide visibility into inventory planning and inventory control. Looker also enables operators to filter, schedule, and export any report or dashboard based on their preference.

One such dashboard is the Inventory Planning Dashboard, which gives real-time visibility into current production capacity based on current orders placed and bill of material component quantities. This dashboard allows operators to filter by item and shows the top customers, weekly demand, number of orders, and more. With this dashboard, operators can make informed decisions about inventory planning, adjust production schedules, and optimize operations.


Another important report is the Inventory Control Report, which covers every action that occurs from receiving to creation, adjustments, and shipping. This report breaks it down item by item and is filterable by date ranges to give operators, accountants, and auditors a full historic and present view of all inventory movement and associated costs in just a few seconds. This report has helped Flourish customers save 10-20 expensive hours every week. Moreover, users can click on any item and get an event-by-event ledger of all actions that occurred for the item.


In tough times, having key visibility like this that operators can trust is key to survival and provides competitive advantages. With Flourish's reporting and dashboard features around inventory planning and inventory control, cannabis operators can have the information they need to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and thrive in a competitive market.

Flourish Software's new reporting and dashboard features around inventory planning and inventory control provide operators with valuable visibility into their operations. With trustable, real-time data and powerful reporting tools, operators can make informed decisions about inventory planning and management, adjust production schedules, and optimize operations. This is a must-have feature for any cannabis business looking to thrive in a competitive market.

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