Flourish in Arizona.

Covering both medicinal and recreational cannabis and hemp markets.

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Seed-to-sale software covering the Arizona cannabis and hemp supply chain.

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Make informed decisions with detailed reports and analytics.

Flourish provides a robust set of pre-built reports and dashboards to help you make data-driven decisions including:
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Stay compliant with state recording requirements.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to compliant cannabis operations. Our system records and organizes all necessary data including reporting requirements for all pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals applied to cannabis plants and growing mediums. 
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Save time and resources with full inventory tracking.

Flourish is a centralized system to track inventory and supply chain processes, from seed to sale. Automate and streamline tasks such as product tracking, ordering, receiving, and shipping, and get real-time visibility into cannabis and non-cannabis inventory levels and product movements.

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Connect all your systems & increase effeciency.

We've integrated with the industry's best tools including CRM, e-commerce, finance, logistics, and compliance integrations. 

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What do Flourish users in Arizona have to say?

“One of the most significant benefits of using Flourish has been the efficiency gains we've experienced.”

"Our company, Tierra Grow, was experiencing tremendous growth and needed a platform to support us.  We researched several options and made the wise decision to move forward with Flourish. Flourish has been an essential part of our success since 2020. Before we installed Flourish, our sales, compliance, inventory, cultivation, and fulfillment were all on separate platforms. We needed a software solution to integrate all our processes under one system, streamline our workflows, and create efficiency and visibility across the company. Flourish delivered on all fronts.  

One of the most significant benefits of using Flourish has been the efficiency gains we've experienced. By having a single integrated platform, manual tracking, and double entry have been virtually eliminated. The analytics Flourish provides have also been instrumental in helping us make data-driven business decisions and monitor our performance in real time.  
The overall ease of use and ability to quickly update and export data in the system have also been game-changers for our team. And with so many changing regulations in Arizona, it's been reassuring to know that the support team at Flourish is always quick to listen and that the development team is crazy fast to develop high-priority requests. Overall, we couldn't be happier with our decision to use Flourish, and we would highly recommend it to any cannabis business looking to scale and optimize their operations."

-Tracy, Controller, Tierra Grow



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