Medical: Yes

Recreational: No


Michigan's Medical Marijuana Program is operated by Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, which works under Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Licencees are required to report data to the statewide system, METRC.

** The State of Michigan refers to Marijuana as Marihuana

General info on all licenses:

  • Any business needs to be approved by the city before they can apply for one of the licenses below.
  • The MMFLA authorizes the Bureau to collect two separate fees: an application fee and a regulatory assessment.
  1. Application Fee The application fee is a non-refundable, state-level fee paid at the time of filing to defray the costs associated with the background investigations and fingerprint processing. The application fee – which must be submitted before the application can be processed – is $6,000.
  2. Regulatory Assessment The annual regulatory assessment is a nonrefundable, state-level fee which offsets LARA’s annual operational costs to implement, administer, and enforce the MMFLA as well as the expenses of medicalmarihuana-related services provided by the Attorney General, the State Police, and Treasury. The regulatory assessment also covers support costs of the statewide monitoring system and provides $500,000 annually toward licensing substance abuse disorder programs, as required by statute. The regulatory assessment must be submitted before a license can be issued. Applicants who are applying for more than one type of facility license must pay a separate regulatory assessment for each license type prior to issuance of each license.
  • Investigation and processing fees not covered by application fee

Here is the Medical Marihuana Facility Licensing Application Instruction Book for more info! 

michigan cannabis lawes

Growers (or cultivators) are responsible for growing cannabis. Growers harvest mature plants and transfer them to processors.

Cultivator Licenses (Final costs to be determined)

Class A – 500 Plants
Class B – 1000 Plants
Class C – 1500 Plants

Tracking System Info

The state of Michigan requires cultivation operations to use a seed-to-sale tracking software. Flourish software offers seed-to-sale tracking as one of the core features and is designed to help cultivators stay compliant at all times.

Processors process usable medical cannabis into medical cannabis concentrates, or medical cannabis-infused products.

Processor Licenses (Final costs to be determined)


Testing labs licenses allows licensees to receive marihuana from a marihuana facility or primary caregiver and test it for contaminants and other substances. In Michigan, testing labs are referred to as Safety Compliance Facilities.


A Secure transporters license allows licensee to store marihuana and transport it between marihuana facilities for a fee.


Retail licences allow licenssed to purchase marihuana from a grower or processor and sell, supply, or provide marihuana to patients, directly or through the patient’s caregiver. In Michigan, retail/dispensaries are referred to as Provisioning Centers.

Provisioning centers will pay 3% on gross retail receipts

Currently, there are no open applications provision centers, however, the city of Detroit has provided an Interactive Map that displays the status for current applicants.


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