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Why you need an integrated sales and inventory management software


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As the legal cannabis industry continues to get more competitive, it’s becoming increasingly important for cannabis operators to offer a seamless customer experience and become more efficient. This means that once the product is ready to be sold; the right product needs to be sold and delivered to the customer in time. Unfortunately, a lot of brands still struggle with this. 

There could be a few reasons for this, but it all comes down to their sales and fulfillment teams being in sync. Having an integrated system can provide a real-time source of truth for both teams, saving time, eliminating errors, and ensuring that orders are fulfilled correctly. Let’s take a closer look at how having an integrated system can make operations more efficient.

Inventory Management Accuracy and Traceability

Having an integrated inventory management and sales system ensures that everyone is working off the same set of data. This eliminates discrepancies between staff members and provides reliable traceability throughout the supply chain. When teams are all using the same data, it becomes much easier to track where inventory came from, who purchased it, when it arrived, how much was sold, and so on. This helps to ensure that products are sourced from reliable vendors and that orders are fulfilled correctly.

Order Fulfillment Efficiency

Integrated systems also streamline order fulfillment by providing real-time updates on available stock levels. This makes it easy for managers to know what items need to be replenished in order to meet customer demand quickly and accurately. Automated notifications can also be sent out in case of any unexpected delays or changes in stock availability, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their purchases before they purchase them. Additionally, integrated systems allow customers to place orders online or directly with staff members over the phone or at a retail location without any disruption in service or confusion due to different databases being used by each team member.

Better Customer Service

Increased accuracy also leads to improved customer service since customers will receive exactly what they ordered when they expected it. With an integrated inventory management system, customers will no longer have to wait for an item because it was unavailable due to incorrect stock levels or because there was a discrepancy between the sales team's information and what was in stock at the time of purchase. Customers will also be able to quickly check on order status with automated notifications if there are any delays or issues with their order fulfillment process. All this adds up to improved customer satisfaction which is key for any business looking to gain loyal customers who keep coming back for more!

Final Thoughts

Having an integrated inventory management and sales system is essential for cannabis operators looking to streamline their operations while providing top-notch customer service. Real-time trustable sources of truth enable teams across all departments – from purchasing through fulfillment –to work off the same data set, increasing accuracy while eliminating discrepancies between staff members. Automated notifications enable timely communication with customers so they can stay informed about their orders as well as any potential delays which ultimately leads to greater satisfaction with every sale! Investing in such a system is well worth its cost as your business grows!

At Flourish, we offer multiple sales integrations - ranging from Leaflink which caters to more of a marketplace discovery model, to Ordo or Hubspot, which is geared towards managing internal sales reps. Our external API and Zapier integration enable us to integrate with other platforms like Salesforce, or Zoho as well! 

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