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How to Pick a Cannabis ERP System

The bottom line is that regardless of scale or scope, it’s a challenge to run a business of any kind without a single, centralized system of record. In the cannabis sphere, we often hear talk of ERPs, where ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. In an industry where change is a fixture, management systems built with systems capable of scaling, with tools for automating manual processes, are increasingly an expectation of any brand or operation regardless of size or growth expectations.

The Pitfalls of Not Having a Cannabis ERP

Without an ERP, the list of potential pitfalls is extensive. With no central system of record for your business, even the most organized operators are likely to sink unnecessary hours into complex manual record-keeping systems. An ERP affords you the ability to unite the different facets and processes of your cannabis business around “a single point of truth,” meaning a central data pool where the different operations and processes of a vertically integrated, multi-faceted company can “talk.” As an example, there are a lot of steps before a prospective sale becomes a finished one, including the enforcement of payment terms, minimalizing data entry, and ensuring accuracy at each step of the way, and an ERP allows operators to build these functions into the process, automating them. On the procurement and purchasing side, an ERP can enable you to define purchase orders, vendor lists, and sets of items you expect to be buying.

Why Even Small-Scale Operators Are Moving Towards ERP Solutions

Traditionally, most small businesses haven’t been able to afford complex enterprise software, which commanded multi-million dollar budgets and teams of people to implement. But now there are more options than there once were for small-scale operators, with software providers who build ERPs to scale alongside growth. Software is also easier to implement than it once was, as user-friendly models now offer a team of experts with the industry know-how to support cannabis-specific problems as they arise. Increasingly, even small-scale businesses are not letting potentially intimidating terminology obscure the big picture, which is about streamlined operations and steady growth.

ERP Software for Growers

In the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, ERP software for growers, or cultivators, is becoming increasingly vital. Cannabis cultivation ERP software offers specialized features tailored to the unique needs of growers, streamlining operations from planting to harvest. This type of ERP software for growers integrates various aspects of cultivation management, including plant tracking, compliance reporting, and resource allocation. By choosing the right cannabis cultivation ERP software, cultivators can ensure efficient management of their crops, adhere to regulatory standards, and ultimately enhance their production capabilities. This specialized software is a cornerstone for growers seeking to optimize their operations in the competitive cannabis industry.

Learn more about Flourish’s software for cannabis growers on our Cultivation Page.

ERP Software for Manufacturers & Processors

Cannabis manufacturing ERP software is designed to handle the complex requirements of product manufacturing, including both CBD and THC products. These systems facilitate efficient process management, from raw material procurement to final product distribution. CBD manufacturing ERP software specifically caters to the nuances of CBD production, ensuring compliance and quality control. By leveraging a sophisticated cannabis processor ERP solution, cannabis manufacturers can significantly streamline their operations, maintain compliance, and enhance product quality.

How to Pick a Seed to Sale Distributor ERP

Choosing the right ERP system as a cannabis distributor involves careful consideration. This specialized ERP should seamlessly integrate every aspect of the distribution chain, from inventory management to sales tracking. The ideal seed-to-sale distributor ERP will offer comprehensive tools for monitoring product movement, managing customer relationships, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. For distributors in the cannabis industry, selecting an ERP system that can handle these complex requirements is key to optimizing operations and maintaining a competitive edge.

Read more about Flourish’s solutions for cannabis distributors on our Distribution Page.

A Cannabis ERP Success Story

Among the companies that have benefited from taking the software leap, Pharmer’s Market in Oregon is a great example. After nearly a year of struggling to implement Viridian Science’s SAP-based ERP, eventually Pharmer’s Market came to Flourish, who with their flexible software was able to help them standardize their inventory intake quickly. Now Pharmer’s Market has been able to manage thousands of SKUs (stock-keeping units) across multiple brands, and without the confusion of software hobbling their process. To explore Pharmer’s Market’s success story in more depth, read on here.

Common Misconceptions around ERPs

Defined as its acronym would suggest, “Enterprise Resource Planning,” the term ERP isn’t always well understood. For one, due to advancements in the software, there are now more customizable options built the suit the needs of companies at various scales. So where it might have been safe to assume in the past that small-scale companies that don’t fit the description of “enterprise” should go without software altogether, more modern offerings built to scale to you are calling that old assumption into question. And as most operators in this space are not enterprises at all but small-scale operators, it’s unsurprising that software companies have adapted to the versatile needs of the industry they serve.

Another common software misconception concerns the inflexibility of modern cannabis software solutions. By buying into a single, one-size-fits-all solution, you may be forced into purchasing features that are irrelevant to your specific needs, or so the assumption goes. Typically modern cannabis software is comprised of various modules, each of which operators can choose to implement independently. 

The Less-Advertised Benefits of ERPs

Well-advertised, though many of the benefits are, ERPs also offer a few under-emphasizing selling points, such as bolstered security and streamlined productivity. By establishing a single point of truth, as mentioned earlier, an ERP ensures smooth transitions as employees in charge of data oversight come and go. And, from a compliance perspective, having a well-defined vendor list with a backup reduces the odds of repeat purchases or just generally buying what may not be of use to you.

Invest in Software Built to Fit Your Needs with Flourish

As a full-service software solution, the Flourish team has seven years of experience in the cannabis space and has seen software failures as well as software successes and would love to sit down and discuss the specific needs of your cannabis businesses to help you navigate what can be a tricky process. To learn more about Flourish and its customizable software solutions, click here.

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