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Venture Atlanta, Here We Come


We received some pretty exciting news recently - Flourish has been selected as a Presenting Company at Venture Atlanta 2019! This is a unique opportunity for Flourish and a huge honor to be chosen as one of only 36 Presenting Companies amid hundreds who applied. 

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METRC is not your Business Software Solution

We’re not being critical with this month’s blog post. But the underlying truth is that METRC’s customer is the state it serves, not you. 

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Cultivation Technology - Smart Tools for New School Cannabis

This blog post is part of a new series from Flourish where we are spotlighting and sharing the knowledge base of our employees who are also cannabis industry subject matter experts. 

Noni Goldman is an expert in large-scale Cannabis cultivation, environmental control systems, 

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Three Things To Ask Your Cannabis Technology Vendor

It’s been a few weeks since MJBizCon in Las Vegas, but there are some memories and conversations we had that still remain in our minds. As we learned about the hundreds and thousands of cannabis business owners and their operations, needs, and pain points, one thing stood out.

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Leveraging Data-Driven Traceability with Flourish’s Newest Ancestry Feature

It's ALL in the data. Data-driven technology is transforming how we approach business across every industry. With the proper data, businesses can accurately identify problems and react to these problems in real-time to employ solutions faster.

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